WE love to tell stories

From the heritage of London to the beauty of Sydney, from the gutters of Delhi to the skyscrapers of Singapore - DOH Productions Global has told stories all over the world for clients such as BOSCH Engineering, IBM, Canon, Electronic Arts and Red Bull.

No matter which country the story is set, we want to understand your message and tailor our telling to your audience. From the words, to the visuals, to the distribution platform, our filmmaking aims to deliver your story with authenticity and inspire your audience to action.

A still image, a 1-second-a-day video, a TV or online promo, a short documentary, TV series, feature-length cinematic presentation or an immersive virtual reality experience - we have literally done it all.

We don’t tell stories to sell – we tell stories to connect and engage.

Let us help you tell your story - DOHproductions.hello@gmail.com